Why Buy Our Coffee?

At Quazaam’s Coffee, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality and freshness in every cup. Our commitment to excellence begins with our sourcing process. We carefully select 100% Arabica beans from the fertile regions of Central America, ensuring that our coffee is free from robusta and fillers. By roasting locally, we guarantee that each cup you brew is of the highest quality and freshly roasted to perfection.

How We Roast Our Beans

Our unique roasting process sets us apart. Utilizing the Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster, we achieve a smoother finish for every cup. Unlike traditional drum roasters, the Sivetz system uses a fluidized bed of hot air to levitate and move the beans, preventing scorching and ensuring even heating. We roast our beans shortly before you purchase them, so they never sit on a shelf for long. This method ensures you experience the freshest, most flavorful coffee possible.


Our Sivetz System Guarantees Precision And Uniformity

How It Works

The Sivetz system is all about precision and uniformity. It keeps the beans in constant motion, preventing any scorching by hot surfaces. A steady stream of forced air rotates the beans in a cyclone, known as the Rotating Fluid Bed (RFB). This process allows heated air to be applied evenly to each bean's surface, ensuring rapid, uniform heat transfer and full control over the roasting environment.

Why It Works

Precision and uniformity are key to our exceptional coffee. Our Sivetz roaster uses a digital thermocouple to precisely measure the bean temperature at the center of the mass. The fluid air bed keeps the beans in constant motion and heats them through convection, producing uniformly roasted beans every time. This meticulous process results in a consistently superior cup of coffee.