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Why Buy Our Coffee


Our coffee is sourced from Central America and is 100% Arabica coffee that has no robusta or fillers. It's roasted fresh locally, so it's a guaranteed good quality cup of coffee each time.


Our coffee beans are roasted using the Sivetz roasting process which gives the coffee a smoother finish per cup. We roast our coffee shortly before you purchase it, so nothing sits here for any length of time. The Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster is a different roasting process from the more popular drum roaster - you'll know why after the first sip!

How It Works

Keep the beans moving! The Sivetz system levitates the beans on a fluidized bed of hot air which keeps them moving to prevent scorching on hot surfaces. A steady stream of forced air rotates the mass of beans in a cyclone, better known as the “Rotating Fluid Bed” or RFB for short. Heated air is applied evenly to the total surface area of each moving bean, allowing for the rapid and uniform transfer of heat and full control over the roasting environment.

Why It Works

Precision and Uniformity

  • (Precision) Ensures precise measurement of bean temperature through the use of a digital thermocouple placed in the center of the bean mass.

  • (Uniformity) The fluid air bed keeps the beans in constant motion and simultaneously heats them through convection which produces uniform, evenly roasted beans.

For more information:  Siveltz Website