Chocolate Ice Latte

Chocolate Ice Latte

Summer and Coffee generally don’t go together, however, we pulled out an ice cold brew recipe to get your going in the morning. Enjoy this cold brew recipe and add any Quazaam’s Specialty Coffees to the recipe. Pair it with any of our quality, tasty mega-smooth medium roast specialty flavored coffee. 

We recommend pairing it with our Salty Caramel, Bourbon Pecan, and our NEW summer coffee - Blueberry Cobbler! Sure to sweeten your day!

Also, for all you that love to grind their own beans, you can also try this recipe with our whole bean Bourbon Pecan specialty coffee.

Try any of our flavored coffees in this summer fan favorite ice coffee drink. 


  1. Drizzle Chocolate Syrup in your cup
  2. Add Ice
  3. Add Quazaam’s Flavored Coffee
  4. Add Whip Cream on Top
  5. Drizzle Chocolate

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